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Offering world class instruction in karate & kickboxing in Overland Park

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"Give the Dynamic Gift of Confidence"

We are excited that you have made the commitment to join one of the most dedicated, successful and prominent martial arts organizations in the world.

It is our pledge and promise to you that we will instruct and show you the way to be a proficient martial artist. This commitment to you includes the application of mental and spiritual elements of karate as well as the physical applications.

Our Classes Average a 6:1 Student: Teacher Ratio Innovators in Leadership Practices

The Way Of The Champion

Champions have many common traits and what you will find with us at AmeriKick is that we put in place key ingredients from successful people so that you can make life-long habits of goal setting and accomplishments. There are many common traits that leaders and successful people share; here at AmeriKick we will focus on five as a priority.

"Expert Instruction"

AmeriKick in the Community

Sensei Bob Leiker 9th Degree Black Belt - Official Martial Arts Instructor for the Kansas City Chiefs & University of Kansas. Official Instructors of the Ali Kemp Educational Foundation— Sensei Jill Leiker Executive Director

Sensei Jill Leiker 8th Degree Black Belt Executive Director Ali Kemp Educational Foundation, "Featured on Americas Most Wanted" Click here for our next class or University program

Sensei Jarret Leiker 25 time World Sport Champion NASKA, WKA, WSKF, NBL

Life Skills, Fitness & Character Development is What You Find Here at AmeriKick